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CN-103822702-A: Pulse signal conversion device for acquiring and synchronously triggering sound field measured data of ultrasonic phased array energy converter patent, CN-103823036-A: Method for measuring filling performance of TiAl alloys by adopting zirconia-series casting titanium embedding material patent, CN-103826425-A: High-heat-conductivity foam gasket as well as preparation method and applications thereof patent, CN-103829857-A: 一种再造型肥皂盒 patent, CN-103831234-A: Swinging cage type walnut classifying screen patent, CN-103844338-A: Process air flow control system and method for air flow cut tobacco direr patent, CN-103853500-A: Method, device and system for distributing mass data patent, CN-103857971-A: Alumina forming bimetallic tube for refinery process furnaces and method of making and using patent, CN-103870325-A: 流程引擎处理方法 patent, CN-103872640-A: Rapid offline fault self-healing control method of power distribution automation terminal unit patent, CN-103873436-A: Information verification method, and terminal patent, CN-103875338-A: 一种智能型高效穴盘精量播种机 patent, CN-103881439-A: LED (light-emitting diode) heat dissipation paint with alloy powder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103882247-A: 微波加热炼镁技术 patent, CN-103887506-A: 锂离子电池的负极材料及其制备方法和锂离子电池 patent, CN-103889629-A: 用于螺纹切削的切削刀具 patent, CN-103895179-A: Novel low-pressure injection mold without water gaps patent, CN-103895801-A: Bicycle Control Device patent, CN-103904964-A: 一种开关磁阻电机调速装置 patent, CN-103904967-A: Voltage control device applied to electric tool patent, CN-103905516-A: Data sharing method and corresponding server and terminal patent, CN-103908706-A: 一种自动导尿系统 patent, CN-103911368-A: Method for extracting polysome from rice on basis of immune-precipitation patent, CN-103911496-A: 一种立式淬火感应器 patent, CN-103913722-A: Low-speed impact locating method for composite material cell structure patent, CN-103921757-A: Webbing Take-up Device patent, CN-103925482-A: 市政建设工程施工用移动式led警示灯 patent, CN-103929141-A: 用于模数转换器的自动增益控制系统 patent, CN-103933260-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating red and white dysentery patent, CN-103934194-A: Vibration crushing and sieving machine patent, CN-103941028-A: Method and apparatus for effecting transfer of reaction receptacles in an instrument for multi-step analytical procedures patent, CN-103944153-A: 一种应用于含有高渗透率分布式电源的配电网的自适应智能保护方法 patent, CN-103945231-A: 一种流媒体预约编辑系统及方法 patent, CN-103956063-A: 一种动态绘制交通诱导屏地图和路况更新的方法 patent, CN-103958116-A: Method for minimizing fatigue damage in welded structure, tool for forming strike mark, and welded structure patent, CN-103960888-A: 多功能电视柜 patent, CN-103961628-A: Traditional Chinese medicine veterinary medicine of improving growing-up feature of pig patent, CN-103962140-A: Micro spherical hollow structure nickel-based hydrogenation catalyst as well as preparation method thereof patent, CN-103966905-A: Bamboo leaf-imitated uvioresistant antibacterial release paper and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103972883-A: 配电网合环点选择方法和系统 patent, CN-103975071-A: 丙烯酰胺水溶液的制造方法 patent, CN-103987305-A: Package of sheet products and method of manufacturing thereof patent, CN-103989029-A: 利用电离能去除果蔬中重金属和残留农药的装置及方法 patent, CN-103989158-A: Nutritive food with hair-nourishing efficacy patent, CN-103990764-A: Casting sand core repairing paste and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103994937-A: 一种基于质构仪的脆肉鲩鱼肉品质分级方法 patent, CN-104006147-A: 用于行星齿轮的行星轮架 patent, CN-104007874-A: Digital filter, touch sense device including the digital filter, and method for performing the digital filtering patent, CN-104013588-A: Phentolamine mesilate dispersible tablet and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104014983-A: 一种导管螺旋桨加工方法 patent, CN-104020807-A: 读出放大器电压调节器 patent, CN-104023147-A: 一种可使移动终端稳定休眠的方法及系统 patent, CN-104023622-A: 电子血压计及其控制方法 patent, CN-104026598-A: Vegetable rabbit meat slice and preparing method of vegetable rabbit meat slice patent, CN-104029332-A: Injection molding machine patent, CN-104040531-A: 用来标识多个版权侵权的系统 patent, CN-104044010-A: 机床的切削液管理装置 patent, CN-104047471-A: Handle Assembly patent, CN-104050267-A: Individuality recommendation method and system protecting user privacy on basis of association rules patent, CN-104057870-A: Structure of rope puller patent, CN-104058570-A: Slurry destabilizing agent for membrane filter press and using method thereof patent, CN-104059481-A: 涂装用水性漆及其制备方法和用途以及涂装金属材料 patent, CN-104060440-A: 洗衣控制方法和洗衣机 patent, CN-104060864-A: Lift car positioning device and stereo garage patent, CN-104062395-A: Method for determination of concentration of low valence vanadium in vanadium-containing electrolyte patent, CN-104074707-A: Variable displacement swash plate compressor patent, CN-104075093-A: 载体装置 patent, CN-104077523-A: Method and device for processing software patent, CN-104091394-A: 自动售货方法与系统 patent, CN-104095528-A: 电压力锅 patent, CN-104099811-A: Sizing/coater and sizing/coating method patent, CN-104100097-A: 一种修复厨卫间渗漏的施工方法 patent, CN-104101704-A: 一种免疫层析试纸卡定量检测方法 patent, CN-104101729-A: Flexible hot mask flow sensor with SiNx encapsulation protection layer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104103383-A: Anti-freeze painting device for bare wire patent, CN-104107887-A: Injection flow protection device and method for die casting pouring patent, CN-104110918-A: 一种电动车热泵空调系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-104116129-A: Method and device for guaranteeing uniformity of drying effect of cut tobacco in rollers patent, CN-104121359-A: Method of learning engaged positions and a neutral position of a synchronizer actuator fork of a dual clutch transmission patent, CN-104122344-A: Method for measuring glutamine content of tissues and serum of meat breeding pigeon patent, CN-104124346-A: 有机电致发光器件及其制备方法 patent, CN-104126411-A: Method for quickly forming lawn through sedum lineare thunb grass blankets patent, CN-104129020-A: Edge trimmer patent, CN-104130104-A: 7~24mm杂碎焦制气补碳增产甲醇的方法 patent, CN-104136756-A: Machine or vehicle component patent, CN-104139321-A: Automatic alignment system for in situ measurement of large structural component and alignment method of system patent, CN-104141601-A: Technological method for making up deficiency of insufficient air inflating capacity of air compressor in summer patent, CN-104143834-A: Photovoltaic power station low voltage ride through detecting system in high altitude area patent, CN-104147761-A: 运动心率助力系统的控制方法 patent, CN-104151344-A: 高纯度三异丙基硅基丙烯酸酯的制备方法 patent, CN-104152002-A: 环氧黑板漆 patent, CN-104152547-A: 一种金针菇青禾菌种的ssr标记指纹图谱与应用 patent, CN-104159223-A: Identification method for relay communication user patent, CN-104161192-A: 一种高效百里香酚饲料添加剂的制备方法 patent, CN-104171797-A: Application of ginseng and polygonum multiflorum compound polysaccharide in preparation of health foods with anti-aging effect patent, CN-104174936-A: 射频四极场单翼极头调制线的加工方法 patent, CN-104176697-A: Active lateral force stiction self-recovery for micro-electromechanical systems devices patent, CN-104176905-A: 泡沫玻璃生产线自动回模系统 patent, CN-104178601-A: Surface hardening method for bolt patent, CN-104181283-A: Method and device for determining radon gas separation in load coal fracture process patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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